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Curriculum Vitae (in PDF format, Acrobat Reader required)







1993 Ph. D., Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley.

1990 M.S., Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley.

1989 B.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Research Interests

Academic Appointments

1998-present Research Director, University of California Energy Institute

1993-1998 Research Associate, University of California Energy Institute

2001-Present Co-Director, Center for the Study of Electricity Markets

1999-Present Lecturer, Haas School of Business

Other Professional Activities

2007-Present  Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research.

2006-Present Associate Editor, Operations Research.

2002-Present Member, Market Surveillance Committee, California ISO.

1999-2000 Member, Market Monitoring Committee, California Power Exchange.

1996-2000 Associate Editor, Utilities Policy.

1990-1992 California Public Utilities Commission.

1988-1989 Madison Gas and Electric Company.

Journal Publications

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Book Chapters

"Electricity Markets," New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. Forthcoming.

"Looking for Trouble: Competition Policy in the U.S. Electricity Industry." Chapter 6 in Electricity Restructuring: Choices and Challenges. S. Puller and J. Griffen, Eds.  University of Chicago Press.

Current Working Papers

  1. James Bushnell and Catherine Wolfram, "The Guy at the Controls: Labor Quality and Power Plant Efficiency." NBER working paper 13215. July 2007.
  2. James Bushnell, Carla Peterman, Catherine Wolfram, "California's Greenhouse Gas Policies: Local Solutions to a Global Problem?" CSEM-166. University of California Energy Institute. April 2007.
  3. James B Bushnell and Jun Ishii. "A Dynamic Model of Investment in a Restructured Electricity Industry." CSEM-164. University of California Energy Institute. January, 2007.
  4. James B. Bushnell and Catherine Wolfram, "The Economic Effects of Vintage Differentiated Regulations: The Case of New Source Review" Report CSEM-157, University of California Energy Institute, July 2006.
  5. James B. Bushnell and Catherine Wolfram, "Ownership Change, Incentives and Plant Efficiency: The Divestiture of U.S. Electric Generation Plants." CSEM-140. University of California Energy Institute, March 2005
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  7. James Bushnell and Celeste Saravia. An Empirical Assessment of the Competitiveness of the New England Electricity Market. CSEM-101, January 2002.

Other Affiliations

  1. International Association of Energy Economists
  2. Institute for Operations Research and Management Science

Jim Bushnell / bushnell@haas.berkeley.edu / October 2008