August 30, 2002

The California Energy Commission has established a small grant program for energy research. A brief description of program, including information on how to obtain a detailed description and application materials, is given below.

Proposals can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a quarterly cycle. The cutoff date for submitting a proposal to round 02-02 is September 27.

C. Michael Lederer
University of California Energy Institute

California Energy Commission


The California Energy Commission is opening a new funding opportunity through its Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program. The Energy Innovations Small Grants (EISG) Program provides funding to establish the feasibility of new energy concepts.

The following information will help you decide whether to apply for funding. Full details are available for download at the EISG web site (see list of documents at the end of this notice). You can also receive a copy of the Grant Application Manual by completing the form below and mailing or FAXing it to the EISG Program Office.

What is unique about the Energy Innovations Small Grants (EISG) Program?

The Commission recognizes the need to support the healthy growth and development of new energy technology concepts in California. The Commission established the Energy Innovations Small Grants Program to meet this need and provide a simplified process for small businesses, small non-profits, individuals and academic institutions applying for funding of research efforts that might otherwise not be implemented. Additionally, to encourage participation in the program, the process for soliciting, evaluating and awarding grants has been simplified and streamlined. About $2 million per year of PIER funds is currently allocated to the program. The maximum amount of any individual grant award will be $75,000.

Who can apply for grants?

Participation in the EISG program is restricted to individuals, small businesses, small non-profit organizations and academic institutions. Individuals and organizations outside California can participate in the EISG program. Federal agencies, federal laboratories or Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) are not eligible.

What projects are eligible for funding?

EISG program projects must establish the feasibility of innovative energy concepts addressing a clear market need and benefit for California electricity ratepayers. They must serve one of the following six PIER program areas of interest:

  A detailed description of the program areas, issues of interest, and research  targets of the PIER program can be found at . The EISG program is described at Be sure to consult the most recent solicitation notice, which is posted at

What are the application, award and project start dates?


Pre-proposals abstracts (optional) accepted: Through September 6, 2002
Next grant application deadline/cutoff date: September 27, 2002
Commission approval of awards: Approximately 20 weeks of cutoff date
Notification of awards: Within 5 business days of Commission approval
Begin executing agreements March 2003

The solicitation for grant funding will remain open and grant applications will be received, evaluated and funded on a quarterly cycle. Applications received before the announced cutoff date will be evaluated and considered for funding during the current cycle. Applications received after the cutoff date will be considered during the next funding cycle.

How can I get application materials?

Materials can be downloaded from the solicitation notice at . If you would prefer to have a printed copy of the grant application package mailed to you, please complete the form below and mail, fax, or email it to the EISG Program Office at the indicated location.